Lecture on cyber security in the logistics industry

logineer is committed to supporting the logistics industry with its IT know-how in the digitalisation process. In the coming months, the IT service provider will offer industry associations lectures on such topics as cyber security. The first event was held at the end of June: logineer invited members of the German Logistics Association (BVL) to Hamburg.

The event on 28 June 2022 was not only the start of the planned series of lectures, but also logineer's first opportunity to present itself as a host: This event, which was at the same time broadcast online, took place on the premises of logineer's parent company q.beyond at Grasweg in Hamburg. The members of the BVL Regional Group North were invited.

Strengthening the resilience of the supply chain through cyber security

The lecture was given by Stefan Peter, Head of Cyber Security at q.beyond AG - a recognised expert in IT security. He spoke about how to "strengthen the resilience of the supply chain through cyber security".

Stefan Peter addressed the significant cyber risks currently facing companies in all sectors on the one hand, and the dangers to which logistics in particular are currently exposed on the other. His conclusion: Information, material flows and companies must be equally protected. The pitfall: If cyber criminals attack a logistics company, they can also learn a lot about its customers and the goods to be transported. This puts the entire supply chain at risk.

Lecture on cyber security in the logistics industry

In his lecture for BVL, Stefan Peter, Head of Cyber Security at q.beyond AG, spoke about the possibilities of cyber security for logistics. Image: © logineer.

Lecture addressed cyber security measures

The IT expert also explained how this protection might look like. In his lecture, he first emphasised that cyber security must always be viewed holistically: Not only the technology, but also the organisation and the people working there play important roles. Based on a comprehensive analysis, a suitable cyber security strategy would then have to be derived for each company.

The lecture addressed various IT solutions that serve to protect against cyber attacks: from Vulnerability Management (the identification of vulnerabilities) to Endpoint Protection and Response EDR (the monitoring of all end devices) to Security Information and Event Management SIEM (the recording and analysis of security incidents).

Finally, IT expert Stefan Peter illustrated how such cyber security protection can be implemented in practice based on the example of a customer.

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