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logineer creates a perfectly equipped digital logistics workplace.
Operational worldwide within a few days.

We make you faster, more efficient and more competitive for the competition of the future. With enormous enthusiasm, our 150 IT and logistics experts can show you the simple route to take to the digital workplace. Perfectly tailored solutions for all your logistical requirements. Equipped with precisely the right tools you need for your daily tasks – in Europe and around the world.

If you are looking for an experienced and committed partner who tackles with you the tasks and opportunities that logistics digitalisation creates for you, and whose experience you can trust without reservation, then logineer is the right partner for you. Our biggest asset for you: a combination of concentrated IT know-how and many years of tried and tested logistics experience.

We digitalise your future

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150 IT and logistics experts


10 strong technology partners

5 continents

Present on 4 continents

The management team at q.beyond logineer GmbH

Pascal Eggert

Pascal Eggert
Managing Director


Torsten Beyer

Torsten Beyer
Managing Director


Well connected for the future

logineer is a member of numerous important logistics networks